The Last Report

This morning, we concluded our visit to Atlanta by having breakfast with David Klarman, our old college pal, and got a chance to meet his wife Wendy.  It was nice to catch up plus get to know his mate. From there, we traveled to the airport, got through security and had a relaxed trip home.Our fellow passengers proved exceptionally rude when they boarded in the back of the plane but put their luggage in the overhead compartments towards the front of the plane. As a result, our luggage went into the bins in the rear, confusing everything when we landed.Fortunately, there was no traffic coming back to Fairfield. We unpacked, checked mail, ordered Chinese food and settled in for the evening.So, was Dragon*Con worth it? It was the most expensive convention we’ve ever attended together but we had a great time. There’s plenty to see and do, with fabulous costumes, a ton of panels to choose from, and friends from all over in one place. If the stars align, we’re hoping to go back next year.

MiscellaneousBob Greenberger