Welcome to the Patch

There’s something new in Fairfield. It’s a green growing patch on the World Wide Web and it’s all about us, our town, and our people.The Patch is a series of community-themed websites with tons of raw data about the town along with a steady stream of articles, columns, and pictures. It has a nifty community calendar that will not only tell you about events but provide a handy map to show you where they are being held.Andy Brophy, late of the Connecticut Post, is Fairfield’s Patch editor and he kindly invited me aboard to be a weekly columnist. My assignment is to write about any and everything as long as it is non-partisan. With five columns written so far, I feel pretty confident that goal can be achieved. Once we get past the currently posted introductory piece, I’ll be walking people through the budget and bonding along with some thoughts on Smart Boards and a chat with Karen Ronald, our new Town Librarian.I strongly recommend all Fairfielders to bookmark the site or sign up for the RSS feed so you can keep tabs on the town’s doings.