And the Summer Break Comes to an End

Last day of the summer break.

My next project got delayed from starting and the editing Iwas told to expect in late July has yet to arrive. So, rather than get deepinto something else or seek out other projects, I have been noodling on anarticle not due until February.

How am I spending this final day off? I’ve puttered, I’vebeen to the grocery store, and yes, I started setting up my gradebook, tweakingmy course planning a bit. I’ll do some reading, maybe watch something later,and tonight I have an HOA Board meeting so I won’t be too bored.

My home office, how I shall miss visiting it daily.

As summers go, this was certainly a lot less packed thanprevious summers. Not that I’ve been idle. I did, after all, ship hundreds of ThrillingAdventure Yarns to my faithful backers, wrote The Flash: 100 GreatestMoments (already approved by DC and now going into production), attend aweek-long workshop, visited family, attended a con, etc.

I’ve been in the classroom twice in the last week, gettingthe room ready and making copies. I also attended a leadership session for ourstudents that was a great workshop. Lessons have been planned for the first fewweeks so I clearly gearing up, having made the mental shift from writer/editorto teacher.

Normally, the nights start cooling off so there’s a tangiblesense of fall arriving but Climate Change has altered that routine. Other thanschool, the only real sign of fall is that the supermarkets started stocking Halloweencandy two weeks ago, which is about a month too early.

I sit here looking forward to seeing my peers and at leastone of my classes looks like it should be fun given the students on the rosterthat I already know. I sit here also wistful of having enjoyed morning coffeeand the newspaper with Deb and long walks with Harley.

And so the seasons begin to change…